Hospitality Leisure & Tourism Partnerships

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We build hospitality, leisure and tourism consortia partnerships. Models that are viable. Alliances with attitude. Sustainable networks that provide real business benefits and deliver measurable results.

Partnership working is never easy. It is hard. Coalition is challenging. An Association is only worthwhile if it adds much more than any business could achieve alone. In our partnership model everyone shares the burden and the risks to drive performance as a joint venture. We speak and translate the language of the private and public sectors in finding solutions.

Initially we map your stakeholders and structure, agree aims and targets, and uncover threats and opportunities. We scope your assets and resources, set out key activities and roles, work out the cost base and then explore revenue streams.

We specify the web architecture and applications, enable the administration and automate processes. Only then do we begin your corporate branding, identify your audiences, propose online/offline channels and track your progress.

Underpinning our work is an expertise in hotel partnership, executive recruitment, PR, social media management, supply chain design, development planning and mentoring boardroom governance.

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We are opinionated commentators on the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors. Our views are independent, unbiased and honest. Through our web pages, newsletter and LinkedIn pages you will be able to follow live conversations. You can join in those discussions, offer an opinion or just listen in. We provide stimulating debates, challenging thoughts and alternative views on the industry. We look at market research, market intelligence, trends and breaking news. We track industry and international media and your comments to find the most interesting stories and then share these with our clients to help them make better decisions.

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Our Work


We challenge aims and aspirations, review resources and relationships. If your plans don’t add up we will tell you.

We are looking for the opportunity to share risks and rewards with you. If the numbers work out we take care of the logistics; the digital platform, administration, roles, responsibilities and timescales. 

Then we begin to build your brand and finally we formalise the partnership agreement, manage, review and evaluate it. We will even define your exit strategy.

Nobody offers you so much. So many tools so many apps, so much experience and imagination to move your association from the ordinary to outstanding.
Our News


This is an age of 24-hour rolling news. It is also an age of information overload.

It is difficult and time consuming to filter the relevant from the noise. We edit, filter and take news feeds from the most authoritative industry sources. This ensures you see relevant key information, trends and intelligence that matter most to you.

Whatever you think you know is always hopelessly out of date. Today’s knowledge moves fast. Social network tools, yield management algorithms and guest-generated content are today’s hot business applications.

Executive Search


Identifying and recruiting outstanding senior executives without professional guidance is risky. The ability to identify talent and then assess executive skills, experience and culture is crucial.

We act as an impartial broker and undertake this intermediary role on your behalf.

The delicate handling of relationships during the recruitment process is critical to a successful outcome and is best performed by a consultant who has the trust of both sides and who can help smooth the obstacles that inevitably arise. We provide communication and resolution during testing negotiations and act as a diplomat and problem resolver.