Our Partners

Meaningful partnership is the basis of our success. Sharing with others, we can help direct resources and capabilities to those priorities that shape our industry. The concept of working with others on big issues is challenging. Issues like recruitment, skills, transport, accessibility and public policy. Each too big to tackle alone.

Hotel associations have a big economic footprint and our goal is to build a profitable and prosperous economic base to benefit the people of our regions by winning a bigger market share, growing and developing our people, engaging positively with the host community and protecting the environment in which we operate. We must overcome increasing challenges and seek out new opportunities with committed partners. We need the active support of tourism partners, colleges, suppliers, transport operators and local authorities. Partnership working is never easy. Making it effective is hard, challenging and rewarding. Glu provides the adhesive to make it a success. See for yourself from the Associations below. Click any logo below to visit the website.