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We will identify stakeholders and structure, agree your aims and targets, uncover any threats and opportunities and then propose KPIs and measures of success.

Trade Website

You can have a business to business website or a consumer facing one. This B2B website was designed around suppliers who generate additional revenue as partners.

Consumer Website

You can also have a B2C website like the one we developed for a visitor attraction. Consumer websites in hospitality only work if you have the resources to generate SEO and match GDS and OTAs presence.

Clash Diary

A clash diary helps you in organising events so you can check that another hotel is not planning the same thing at the same time.


Training is expensive but you can now share training courses and costs with other hotels.

Press Releases

You can distribute e-press releases using the PR template and your media database on the CRM.


Some marketing collateral is not on line and you may also need stationery, business cards, invitations, folders etc.


Seminars for chefs, housekeepers or maintenance people will stimulate innovation and strengthen links with suppliers and media.

Policy Lobbying

Bed tax, health scares, bad weather and licensing levies all disrupt or threaten the hospitality sector, which needs cogent strategies and lobbying to remain resilient.


We will scope your assets and resources, set out key activities and roles, work out the cost base and then clarify your revenue streams.

Social Media

The costs of communicating with audiences are prohibitive to most partnerships.

So Glu can provide and manage a range of affordable social media tools.


Every hotel, supplier and associate can post their own offers onto your Facebook page.


Associates can respond to immediate conversations through your Twitter feed.


Suppliers are the untapped assets of hospitality. They need hotels but don't know how to develop closer relationships. Suppliers provide a real fighting fund.


There are templates that can smooth and simplify event planning for excellence awards and celebration events.


You can incentivise your people by offering special rates in member hotels through the website.


Managing all the activities of the association can be measured on a scorecard.

Social Entrepreneurs

Associations will need to adapt as social enterprises if they are to win the hearts of communities in achieving their objectives.

Adopting these tools will enable them to make that jump and become social entrepreneurs.

Business Model

We will identify the web platform, architecture and applications, do the paperwork and automate processes.

Supplier Directory

Hotels require a huge range of products and services but we believe these can be boxed into just eight categories.

Each supplier has its own web page linked back to its own website.


Sharing presentations is with associates is easy by displaying them on your website.


In a world of images you can project your association's brand and personality easily through YouTube to wide audiences.


The web platform has its own CRM to manage databases so that you write and distribute e-newsletters to your many audiences.

Economic Impact

Networking with many audiences is enhanced by meaningful statistics on hotel performance and its contribution to the local economy.

Charity Checker

To win over some audiences, associations need to move from a position of trade body to community partner and the charity tracker can help.

Annual Report

Your success and achievements as an organisation can be showcased.


Your technology platform has powerful integrated e-commerce capability. This is your very own online shop. It means you now have a virtual business. Use it to sell training courses, exhibition spaces, supplier and hotel membership etc.


We will initiate corporate branding, identify all audiences, propose online/offline channels and evaluate progress against KPIs.

Supplier Locations

You can easily display all your suppliers on a map.

Hotel Links

Each hotel has its own page linked back to their corporate websites.

Auto Invoicing

Collecting annual membership subscriptions and invoicing is a chore but this one is fully automated using on- line merchant accounts.

Market Intelligence

You can now have the best market intelligence on yield management, food trends, environmental sustainability or any pressing topic.

Linked In

Your people can speak through open and closed LinkedIn pages to suppliers and other associates


We help organise and run competitions between hotels that raise standards and motivate people.

Grants and Funding

An association rather than individual businesses is more attractive to funders, and Glu can provide the necessary scoping and coordination to access grant support.

Performance Reporting

Keep an eye on your online activity with comprehensive auto-generating reports. Use them to guide future decisions.


In an age of information overload it is time consuming to filter the relevant from the noise. Taking news feeds from the most authoritative industry sources ensures you always see key information, trends and intelligence.


You can display job vacancies and even show the location on your website of talented people seeking work. Where they are located and the skills they could bring to your business.

Agendas & Minutes

There are simple templates for you to use for your agendas, minutes, annual reports and action plans e.g. members, partners, management group, sales managers, HR managers, chefs, housekeeping groups etc.

Planning Advice

Winning planning consent for property development can be a challenge and Glu can provide professional support to maximise your assets.


Brand image is awarded through a sustained commitment to a credible and trusted core belief.

The use of these tools creates that brand image, reputation and influence.


In an age of 24-hour news, email messages or Twitter can circulate alerts on security, crime or disruption.


Your website has the most sophisticated tools for communicating with all audiences.

Working Groups

The continuing professional development of sales managers, HR people or operations managers is enhanced by participation in working groups and using tested templates.

Secure Zone

Your very own private members only VIP area. Password protected so you can share your most confidential conversations and information.

Partners as Social Entrepreneurs

There is a natural progression of partnerships from informal networks to coalitions, associations, joint ventures and ultimately social enterprises. It is only at the level of social enterprise that partnerships can truly win the hearts and minds of all audiences and communities.

Brand image is awarded through a sustained commitment to a credible and trusted core belief in the minds of audiences. The more credible the partnership the more the brand is recognised.

Brand reputation, leadership, credibility and influence are enabled through the PartnershipGlu portfolio. A toolbox located on a global web platform with apps that enable you to post offers, send out alerts, access funding, maintain databases, publish e-newsletters, distribute e-press releases, check clash events, monitor charities supported, share training costs, involve associates and suppliers, recruit people, host events, track performance and many other functions. Your partnership chooses the tools you need but you have access to them all.

Tourism & Hospitality Services

Consortia creation and management might be one of our main games but we also support a wide private and public sector client base with specialised and sector specific business consultancy - from Marketing Plans to Planning Advice, from seeking our grants to bespoke PR. We represent our clients in a variety of situations delivering an interesting portfolio of activities. We use our networks, knowledge and experience to find innovative business solutions for our clients.

Contact us to see how we can help.

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Our expertise and experience of hotel associations is second to none. We believe their economic footprint makes them the sleeping giants of tourism.

We admire the free spirit of hotel managers. Their courtesy, commitment and joie de vivre. The energy of can-do sales managers, caring HR people and creative chefs.

Over the years of working with them we knew they had the answers if we asked the right questions.

Executive Search


We pride ourselves on our unrivalled sector expertise. Whether you are a candidate looking to take the next step to enhance your career or a business looking for the highest quality candidates in the market, we will deliver professional and intelligent recruitment solutions.

Tourism is a global growth industry with competitive and hard-to-fill senior positions. We work closely with clients to deliver high quality candidates that will add value to their business and fill roles with speed and accuracy.

Our News


The recession and its legacy have changed the business landscape. The public sector is squeezed as never before and this will impact on all businesses. Destination marketing has been decimated; increasing financial burdens will be imposed on businesses to fund the shortfalls caused by the financial collapse; competition had been stepped up and every destination will have to fight for voice and visibility. At the same time visitors will be more demanding, the environment increasingly fragile and competition more fierce. Confronting these challenges is hard and operators need to be well informed.

Partnership FAQs

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