As hoteliers we take pride in our professionalism and commitment to satisfying the needs of our guests and our people.

We believe that people, well coached and highly motivated are our most precious resource. They are our source of knowledge and give us competitive advantage.

An Hotelier must be a diplomat, a democrat, an autocrat, an acrobat, and a doormat.

He must have the facility to entertain Prime Ministers, princes of industry, pickpockets, gamblers, bookmakers, pirates, philanthropists, popsies and prudes. He must be on both sides of the political fence, and be able to jump that fence. He should be, or have been, a footballer, golfer, bowler, tennis player, cricketer, darts player, sailor, pigeon fancier, motor racer and linguist, as well as have a good knowledge of any other sport involving dice, cards, horse racing and billiards.

This is most useful, as he has sometimes to settle arguments and squabbles. He must, therefore, be a qualified boxer, wrestler, weight lifter, sprinter and peacemaker. To be successful, an hotelier must keep the bar full, the house full, the storerooms full, the wine cellar full, the customers full, and not get full himself.

He must have staff who are clean, honest, quick workers, quick thinkers, non-drinkers, mathematicians, technicians, and at all times on the boss's side, the customer's side, and stay on the outside of the bar.

Published with permission of: Chateaux & Hotels de Charme www.ila-chateau.com

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Whatever you think you know is always hopelessly out of date. Everything is more technical and fast moving than ever before.

Against a backdrop of a squeezed public sector, increasing financial burdens on businesses, ferocious competition, ever-demanding consumers and an increasingly fragile environment, operators need to be kept well informed.

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In our partnership model everyone shares the risks and the financial rewards. In traditional partnership models everyone expects to get paid. In our model payment only comes with success.

Our partnerships are often virtual; no premises, no people and no public sector support. That creates real opportunities for innovative service providers to fill the resource vacuum and generate revenue on a no-win, no-fee basis.

In this new spirit of joint venture working, service providers will be expected to embrace the opportunities of sharing risks and rewards.


The public sector are the biggest investors in tourism. Although under no statutory obligation, most see the economic benefits of investing in tourism support.

Being relentlessly squeezed, the public sector are focusing on value for money against the full range of visitor priorities; Street cleaning, litter collection, marketing, public realm, licensing, accessibility, signage, transport and other services are not competing for funding.

The challenge is to find sustainable solutions to promote the destination. Tourist boards, destination management organisations and tourism associations have to find new templates. New ways of working around skinny resources.